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01:52 13 mar 20
we have been
ing with jon for 6 months now.
He has helped record the best period of growth for a very long time. Our confidence as a business and in our business has grown as well. We are well in our way to achieving become of our goals ahead of time. The education of my staff has helped them become more efficient and in more confident in their roles, especially the back office operations. They tell me what to do now instead of the other way round. I did something recently that i’ve not done before, i went on a break and handed over one of the jobs to my lead tradie.

Business Coaching for Tradies

Tradies and builders make up over 30% of the workforce according to safe work australia. Many of the small
es in australia are trades and builders. Of that 30%, approximately 1.
1 million people are classified as independent contractors. We believe that more business coaching needs to be availble for these business owners and that is where businesssight comes in.

Business consultants
long business description:

fish business coaching is business coaching for tradies and builders. We’re called small fish because we are a small fish and we work with small fishes too – small fishes that want to grow a bit bigger and stronger. It’s a specific kind of business coaching – it’s for trades businesses that are wanting to put the systems and structure in place to grow their businesses properly. You’ll grow from a small and unstructured business to a larger and much more structured and systematic one. How much larger is up to you – you’ll be too big a fish for us at some point.

7 Biggest Challenges Facing Your Business

With over 20
s experience in small business management and much of that being in the construction industry, tracey has walked the walk. Something that is important when choosing your business coach. She has seen and experienced first hand what makes a trade business tick. From ensuring a first class customer experience, managing multiple trades and staff, right through to handing over a high quality job to be proud of. She has been there. Wouldn’t you rather know that the person giving you advice understands the challenges you’re facing?
tracey believes you should.

How to create a 90 day Action Plan

I’ve always been into sport, watching and playing anything i can. Since leaving my rugby days behind i’ve picked up mma (mixed martial arts) and achieved a purple belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and orange belt in karate, although this has more become a couch sport than an active one. My favourite thing to do when i’m out of the off
is catch up with a mate over a coffee or a beer if i’m not trying to convince you to try my new garage brewed cider i’ve just created. I love to travel, have done the non-stop europe trip and am keen to get back there, as well as the us and asia.


Like most other tradies, you probably left school and started your apprenticeship. You learnt all the theory while practicing your skills with your boss. You finish your final year of your apprenticeship and say goodbye to trade school. In the following years you finally decided to take the leap and start your own business. The problem? you’ve never been taught the basics of running your own business. You probably don’t have any written systems and procedures, an official business plan or future direction and let’s not get into how to fix cash flow issues and increase profit margins. The fact is most tradies don’t – the few that do have received training and help from experts.

Almost every tradie i’ve ever spoken to spends time in the evenings on bookwork – quoting, invoicing, paying people and bills. (when i say tradie, by the way, i mean trades business owner – you’ve got guys working for you and you’re running a business not swinging a hammer)
almost every tradie i’ve ever worked with spends his days running around like a blue-arsed fly trying to keep everything going and everybody happy. It’s stressful, they say. And almost every tradie i know is making less money than he wants or less than a lot of his customers. Sound familiar?
it doesn’t have to be like this – there are things you can do to change it (and there are tradies who have 1 or 2 or 3 of those problems licked).

The non-negotiable’s for the tradies businesses excellence
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what do you do to excel in the services you provide as a trade business owner?
there’s so much to be done in that space that’s actually quite easy to stand out and be a highly valuable service provider within our industry. Check out this episode with our academy coach, greg crowe, the non-negotiable’s that can will make your business provide the best service, but also help out our industry to elevate the perception of tradies everywhere. Great insights that will make you step up your business, and get rewarded and acknowledged for what you do best in life.

Tradies : when you think of tradies, well-tailored formalwear rarely comes to mind. Instead, picture high-vis and tired hands. But while weathered clothes and battle scars are synonymous with ‘working on the site’, it turns out presentation still plays a huge part in how your customers will perceive you. Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to grow your trade, here’s how you can go from part-time handyman to professional tradie. Firstly, you need to give your business a polished look to show customers that you don’t skip any steps. Consider how your brand looks – is the branding clear? is your website easy to follow and user friendly? it’s important to make sure that the imaging is neat and clean.