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SPENGA Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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Welcome to SPENGA Cherry Hill, conveniently located at 815 B Haddonfield Rd Cherry Hill New Jersey 08002, to experience the very best workout ever. SPENGA’s format of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga combines the 3 pillars of fitness all in one 60-minute group training workout. Led by our highly trained trainers, our philosophy makes for strong bodies and strong minds. You will not find an exercise like this at your local fitness center. SPENGA is a community of like-minded people all aiming to make the most out of their lives and their workouts, and whenever you enter our studio, we ensure we’ll be there cheering you on every ride, rep and revive! Are you all set to WERK?

Our philosophy is, Werk smarter not harder!

SPENGA prides itself on delivering a workout that will maximize your results without breaking down your body.

Our workouts consist of All The Burn Without The Burnout!

Our members love SPENGA?s 20-20-20 format and the fact that once they complete a segment, they are on to the next one. This allows them to push harder and avoid the burnout of having to return to each section for multiple intervals.

First 20-minutes part of the workout – SPIN

Substantial caloric burn with really low impact to warm up your body and begin shredding calories!

SPENGA starts with SPIN to immediately warm up the body and begin shredding calories and prepping for your next pillar of fitness, STRENGTH.

SPENGA spin sessions are based upon Power. Power is a combination of how quick you are pedaling (RPMs) and just how much resistance you have on the bike.

2nd 20-minutes part of the workout – STRENGTH

Our trainers stick with you every action of the way to individualize the experience and make modifications.

Next, we head to STRENGTH.

When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolic process, and your body will burn more calories. SPENGA programs are backed by science and are ever altering with innovative exercise selection to keep the body guessing and make sure that the workout is plateau evidence.

3rd 20-minutes part of the workout – YOGA

Brings back the body and permits quicker healing in between workouts.

YOGA is a great way to increase circulation, enhance posture and alignment, and promote healing.

And we only get stronger when we recover. Our Yoga programs addresses crucial components of health such as developing breath to movement patterns, balance, strength, flexibility, and relaxation; the majority of which are missing out on from common workouts. SPENGA is not your common Yoga experience.

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What does SPENGA stand for?


SPENGA means SPIN, STRENGTH, YOGA. Our founders recognized the present trend for boutique fitness however likewise saw the restriction. The majority of boutique ideas concentrate on one activity leading to limited results and members that get bored.

Is SPENGA for a novice?

If you’re at any fitness level and desire a lower effect workout and integrating more extending into your regular then Spenga is perfect for you.

Does SPENGA really work?

If you require Netflix to make it through a treadmill run, SPENGA is for you. If you’re seeking major gains on the bike or weights, SPENGA is an effective way to squeeze in several types of cross-training throughout extreme training sections.

Our members love our 3 pillars of fitness which includes 20-minutes of spin, 20-minutes of strength training, and ends with 20-minutes of yoga.

SPENGA prides itself on providing a workout that will optimize your results without breaking down your body.

SPENGA Spin is a Big caloric burn with really low effect to warm up your body and begin shredding calories!

During SPENGA Strength, Our certified trainers stick with you every step of the way to individualize the experience, and make modifications.

Our SPENGA Yoga Brings back the body and permits quicker healing in between workouts.

Werk smarter not harder by beginning today. Call (856) 651-6568 or visit http://spenganewjersey.com/

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