Really Simple Indexer by Peter Drew



Really Simple Indexer

Not getting indexed or ranked any longer?

Googles been suit as soon as us for higher than 12 months now.

That’s how long it’s taken us to come taking place as soon as this solution.

Not and no-one else will RSI acquire you indexed, it provides stealth backlinks that are incredibly powerful.

Used Correctly (Training supplied) This extra technology trains the G000Gle Algo virtually what your site is about.

Or more specifically, what we desire the Algo to think this site is about. Using our exclusive telecaster Text Technology and no-one else found in this software.

Welcome To The really easy Indexing

Based on our extra RSS technology.

In conjunction as soon as Blogger, Tumblr, Google Webmaster tools.

A bunch of syndicated WordPress blogs which are each amalgamated via RSS feeds to 100’s of outside blogger blogs for the win.

It’s simple.

Fire taking place RSI

1 – Enter your amalgamated spun article content for context.

2 – Enter your google accounts.

3 – Enter your keyword phrases.

4 – Enter your friends and spinable telecaster texts.

5 – Press go. That’s it.

The software will create:

1 Google Blogger Blog

and 1 Tumblr blog.

Based on the content you supply.

Both of these have their own RSS feeds in suit you didn’t know.

These feeds are stored in our database.

Each RSS feeds content is distributed between a LOT of aged WordPress blogs.

Each of those WordPress blog feeds are later fed directly into:

10 Tumblr blogs

10 Blogger blogs

10 Twitter accounts.

Additionally, you can use Iframes and embed all you desire across this entire network. For the Win!!

These extra RSS feeds are just about distributed to our RSS empire to ensure this content

is blasted everywhere.

Not and no-one else that.

each of these blogs created have friends from extra members blogs pointing to them to raise their linking capability in the serps.

Oh yeah your extra Blogger blogs are submitted to Googles own webmaster tools for hasty indexing for the win.

That’s it.

Really Simple Indexer

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