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Subject: New Software, Unlimited Reach in Facebook. It’s huge, No links Just info, please read.


One of my buddy’s Facebook Marketing Posts are going Viral on Facebook, and I can see why, so I thought I’d share it with you. By my buddy Peter Drew.

He starts off,
I’m going to be Bold Here, and make this claim.
I’ve created the Most Powerful Facebook Marketing software on the planet. Allowing you to gain extraordinary reach for free each and every time.

As of 2014 there were recorded and amazing 620 Million Groups in Facebook.
By 2016 there’d be a Lot more.

So that means, anything that anyone has an interest in, there’s a “TON” of groups about that product or service, whatever it may be.

We all know the Power of Video when selling online. You can create the perfect video to sell anything. Or vendors supply you with great video content to help sell their products.
Plus we know that right now, Facebook is battling other companies to make their LIVE Video content the most powerful platform on the planet, so they give tons of preference to their live videos in people’s timelines.

But also what’s important here is this.

If you post a LIVE video to a group that you’re a member of. The other members do not need to be Inside the group to view Your Video content, they will also see it in their timeline……..

Let that sink in.
Say you’re in a group of 10,000 people and you post a LIVE video to that group, this video will get exposed to them on their timelines.. That’s a lot of reach to your video.

So say you want to promote a Product/service/something . You search Facebook groups and find there’s 100 groups based on product/service/something and these groups have between 500 and 30,000 members.

Do the math, that’s a LOT of Reach 🙂

My new software allows you to post any video file you have on your computer as LIVE content, to as many Facebook GROUPS as you like..

One after the other after the other.

Plus we’ve got some awesome strategies to reveal that makes this process incredibly smooth.

So the opportunity to create great value to an incredibly large market here is endless.
Start researching, if you have a product or market in mind, search in Facebook for how many groups there are in there, to get an idea how big your market is.

Don’t go joining them yet, we have specific strategies in place on how to maximise your conversions. But you can record these group URL’s to a text file.
(That’s all you need to do right now.)

Just keeping everyone up to speed about what’s coming down the pipeline here.

Very exciting times.

Onwards and Upwards

Did you know the advantages of using longer or shorter videos?
More on this later.
Peter Drew.

Pete’s opening up a Beta Program tomorrow, so thought you’d be interested after reading this, like I am. Talk tomorrow.


Subject: Yay, the FB Live PRO Beta Program is now Open and LIVE.


Hey Everyone,

It’s a great day here 🙂
Peter Drew has gone LIVE for Beta testing right now.

So many people have been hitting me up about this since he first released that message on Facebook at the beginning of the week.

It’s the only Facebook Marketing software on the planet that allows you Broadcast as LIVE any Video content you have crafted about your offer to post to unlimited number of Facebook groups out of the 700 or 800 Million of them out there.

Not only does he supply the software but some brilliant strategies to get us moving forward big time.

You can go there right now
[Jvzoo Link]

I’m so happy to be able to release this to you guys who want to jump in on the beta testing and smash this thing.

Looking forward to having some fun with you guys, see you on the Inside

[Jvzoo Link]


P.S. If you are already crushing it, converting Videos to sales or leads or whatever, imagine how well you’ll do with this tightly focused targeting. Do you have an Info Product in you? Test it with Peter Drew’s new Beta Software and if its crushing it, Hit him up, he’s also looking for Info Product Developers to partner with and share with his large audience.

Subject: Ground floor opportunity in a Massive new Facebook Marketing Strategy.



My Aussie mate Peter Drew, Who I’ve known for years, you might of heard of his other very successful products:
Brute Force SEO
Video Curation PRO
Hangout Millionaire
Live Rank Sniper
Plus many others.

He’s just spent the last 6 months developing this new System that Allows you to Broadcast as LIVE on Facebook, any video you can create or have stored on your hard drive.

But it gets better.

This new system allows you to post to as many Facebook Groups as you like, out of the 700 Million Facebook Groups out there right now.

Yes, that’s correct, you can now post your offer to a laser targeted Audience and get all the benefits of posting LIVE content. Live Content as you know is given tons of exposure in peoples Facebook timelines, not to mention the notifications Facebook sends to everyone when you go live, ensuring maximum reach to your audience.
He’s looking for Beta testers right now to help use and improve this amazing new software he’s created.

This offer allows you to get in and use this amazing product months before its released to the general public, plus you get in at the lower price, the price goes up as soon as it goes live.

See it in Action here
[Jvzoo link]
To your Success

Subject: What Makes FB LIVE Pro the Most Powerful FB Marketing Software on the Planet?


Thanks to everyone for their massive reaction to our latest release, Social media is going wild.

Skype groups are blowing up. Though also I had some replies to my last email saying I didn’t really explain it all that well.

So here we go.

There are other programs out there that allow you to post to Facebook Groups. But these only allow you to post to groups you “Administer” or created yourself.

FB Live Pro
[Jvzoo link]
FLP Allows you to post to any group on Facebook you have joined and got permission to post in. That’s it.
Fact: in 2014 there were 620 Million Facebook Groups.
Guestimate: I’d say there are between 700 and 800 Million Groups in Facebook Today.

People create groups to discuss specific topics. Meaning you can get access to a “Laser” targeted Market.
Then having the medium of LIVE video, that you’ve crafted for this audience is surely a winner.

Video marketers do extremely well already, but to a much more colder less targeted market, so just imagine the conversions they’ll achieve with a really hot targeted market of people and LOTS of them.

Check out the different payment options available. Plus there’s other products in there greatly reduced aswell.
[Jvzoo link]

Make sure to check out the videos on the front page and the next page. Then of course on top of all that, when going LIVE in Facebook, the reach inside Facebook you get is amazing, not only do people see your content when they are in the group, the members of all the groups you are posting in get to see your content in their “timelines”

Say you post to 50 groups, each group has an average of 1000 people. Each of those people could well see your LIVE content in their timelines.

That’s incredible reach for any video marketer with not one advertising buck spent. And you can do this over and over and over in any niche.
Powerful stuff huh 😉

[Jvzoo link]
Very exciting times ahead for all of us
P.S Check out the Licensing options that come with the different payment options.

Subject: FB Live PRO Plus all of Pete’s other Marketing SEO Software. Massive Deal time inside.


Hey again,

Peter Drew has put his best deal together ever. He’s bundled all of his bestselling and current Marketing software into one Massive Video Marketing and SEO software suite.
*He’s created an excellent bundle or what we call Pete’s SEO + Marketing Software Suite.
Check it out here.
(The more you put in a bundle the better the deal you can create 🙂

* Are you a budding Product Developer?
So on top of crushing it with targeted video marketing you also have the opportunity to be a new market leader. I’m looking for other professional people as well to help create new info products to help best exploit this new Facebook video marketing system.

* Are you an existing High Quality Info Product Creator?
If so we need you, to help us create the perfect strategies to release to the public when we go LIVE at the completion of Beta testing.
* Off the top of my head, these are product Ideas.
Related to creating Facebook accounts
Crafting the perfect Offer
Crafting the perfect Video.
Using the software for maximum advantage.
Viral FB Video marketing ideas.
Video presentation.
Facebook Marketing.
(PS we already have approved one member to move forward and he’s creating the product right now and using other members to beta test etc, plus its Awesome)
Obviously there are tons more that you’ll be able to think of.
Finding and joining many groups safely.
Creating the perfect message to your groups audience.
Researching the best Products to sell on Facebook.

As a member of our Beta Program and experiencing the power of this software, you’ll be in a Prime Position to create the perfect Info Product to compliment this new system and if it meets our Quality control standards we can partner up and have the opportunity to include this product in the funnel when we go live.
So that’s another source of revenue you have the possibility of gaining, on top of testing this amazing new software.

So Jump on board here
[Jvzoo link]
Extremely Exciting Times now and moving forward.


Contact Peter Drew
Skype: peteinoz