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Replace Plywood and Install Roof Connectors

?After removing the old shingles we were not able to determine how much framing will need to be replaced until we actually remove the rotted plywood. In this case, there are some boards right near the exterior of the aluminum fascia we call sub-spatia. As you can see thus far, that part of it has already been replaced. The ends of the rafters will also need to be fitted along to make a solid foundation for the new plywood? We are adding roof-to-wall connectors. That’s what this gentleman is doing here to save the customer money on their insurance.?


Roofing Shingles Installation by Augusto Roofing, Inc.

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Augusto Roof provides only the first-rate roofing products from name-brand distributors like Owens Corning and Certainteed Roofing Products. Life time service warranties are offered from both with alternatives for a fully non-pro-rated lifetime warranty duration.

Low Incline Roofing System

Owens Corning Shingle Roofing Products

8D Ring Shank nails set up 6 inches on center.

Peel and Stick, a secondary water obstacle.

Insurance Wind Reduction Approvals with photo documentation sent.

Singles ranked at 130mph, 50yrs warranty, 15yr non-prorated. Mounting Peel and Stick second water obstacle under the shingles.


1. Rigorous adherence to state and neighborhood building ordinance. A. Each district has its very own unique interpretation of the state code and is seeking an unique set of methods and documentation for each and every kind of roof covering substitute from permitting to final examination. We are extremely acquainted and keep up to day on any kind of changes to requirements for each and every city/county.

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