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A vehicle or rather all traffic accidents in Atlanta have the potential to become devastating to victims and their families forever. In case you are a victim of the traffic or car crash, we have been able to aid you with your compensation claim. We have a team of very skilled accidental injury lawyers across our 8 Georgia offices. We will help you protect and fight to your legal right to receive compensation to your injuries, damages, and losses.

Our Atlanta injury lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., have several years of experience in this field in the law. Because of this, we have been within a better position to offer legal advice, consultation, and representation. Through case evaluation, we will determine who can be held liable for the injuries and take care of the insurance company on your behalf. This should help you through giving you space to recoup in peace.

How Do You Determine I Actually Have An Instance?

First, it is very important be aware that every case differs. This is because the specifics of the cases are not the same. Alternatively, you can only file a lawsuit in case the accident was a direct result the other party?s negligence. Also, vehicle and car part manufacturers can be held liable for an automobile accident and in many cases municipalities (road building and maintenance organizations). A driver can only be held liable should they neglect to exercise reasonable care. A few examples include: –

? Tailgating

? Neglecting to obey traffic rules (such as red lights, stop signs, driving maximum speed, and others)

? Speeding

? Driving while beneath the influence

? Neglecting to monitor the road

? Neglecting to yield to traffic using the right of way

The severity of the injury is yet another component that determines if you have a case or otherwise not. Based on Georgia law, people who meet specific car crash conditions can legally file an automobile accident claim. Alternatively, a victim can be able to recover compensation from their accidental injury protection insurance policy.

What Should I Understand About Georgia?s Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) in Atlanta?

All drivers are required to possess a Injury Protection insurance in line with the traffic laws of Georgia. The best thing about PIP insurance is it offers good things about accident victims regardless of who was to blame for your accident. For this reason it really is also known as ?no-fault? insurance. The sole condition for you to get the huge benefits beneath the PIP insurance policy is ? the victim must receive medical treatment within fourteen days.

Aside from getting insurance benefits which can be over $2,500, the victim must be receiving remedy for an urgent situation medical condition?. Georgia law defines an urgent situation medical problem as being a medical problem that demands immediate medical attention and will reasonably be expected to become fatal to some victim?s health. Our lawyers will work closely along with your insurance provider to ensure that you get each of the PIP benefits you are legally allowed. To know more details on Georgia?s PIP programs, click this link.

What Will My Atlanta Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Do?

One thing an automobile accident personal lawyer will work is collect the details in the case. The goal is to see whether your case meets certain requirements stated from the law. If all requirements are met, your lawyer will file a litigation versus the defendant. We shall recover compensation for all those losses and injuries suffered.

At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we will take the following steps to make certain your case is successful: –

I) Collect Evidence ? Our lawyers will collect evidence needed to show the other party was to blame. As a result, we will talk with witnesses, take photos and videos, review traffic surveillance, and in many cases undergo police reports.

II) Deal With Experts ? We work with other experts, such as doctors (to clarify your injuries on the judge). Other experts include accident recreation experts, forensic experts, and others. Moreover, we work with professional insurance appraisal experts to ascertain the true amount of your injuries, damages, and losses. At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we value expert input, so that we can deliver the best.

III) Negotiate With Insurance Providers ? Have you any idea that the majority of accidental injury cases are solved from court? Due to this, insurance companies always want to settle the cases first to offer lower amounts and cut costs. However, since we will first work with determining the real amount of your case, we will help you negotiate using the company to obtain the true amount of your case.

IV) Case Preparation – Not all the cases are saved through negotiations. Sometimes negotiations fail, and in cases like this, it ought to be solved with a civil court. Our lawyers will handle your case in court. We will help you find witnesses to testify, including expert witnesses such as doctors, forensic experts, and others.

Exactly How Much Is My Atlanta Case Worth?

The volume of compensation you will get is determined by your case. In other words, every case differs, for example the facts in the case. As a result, the way it is is going to be affected by several factors that include the severity of the injuries, lost income, time to recover, and much more. As a result, we will help you recover compensation for: –

I) Medical Bills ? We will help you obtain compensation for all of your past and future medical expenses. This will likely cover everything, like rehabilitation expenses, in-home care, hospital bills, and others.

II) Emotional Suffering And Physical Pain ? Any sort of accident victim is qualified to receive compensation for physical pain and emotional anguish.

III) Lost Pay ? Because injuries limit a person?s capacity to work, an individual may recover compensation for your lost pay. Some injuries may limit your capability to earn the total amount you previously did (reduce earning capacity).

IV)Punitive Damages ? In case the accident came about by way of a malicious act, you just might receive punitive damage. Punitive damage is awarded in an effort to punish the offender.

What Happens If I Actually Have Been Injured Inside A Motorcycle Accident?

Much like automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents fit into accidental injury cases, and you are entitled to receive compensation for your accident. Motorcycle accident cases can also be filed versus the negligent party who happen to be negligent and neglect to obey traffic rules.

Are Motorcycle Cases Subject To PIP Regulations?

Based on Georgia law, motorcycle owners usually are not necessary to purchase PIP insurance. As a result, motorcycle riders usually are not necessary to satisfy the PIP requirements like car drivers.

Who Can We Help in Atlanta?

Our lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., help all motorcycle victims (victims and their families) recover compensation involved with motorcycle accidents. In the event that lead to death (wrongful death), we represent the victim?s spouses in filing a case versus the negligent drivers. Inside a wrongful death case, the victim?s members of the family will be able to receive compensation for lost future income, medical bills, and funeral expenses.

What Happens If I Actually Have Been Injured Inside A Truck Accident in Atlanta?

In terms of a professional truck, accidental injury litigation is filed versus the truck loaders, truck driver?s employer, the driver, truck maintenance company, or truck manufacturers. However, this will depend on the trouble or the main cause of the accident. To distinguish the main cause of the accident, our lawyers should go on the driving records, trip logs, truck maintenance reports, as well as other relevant information.

Who We Could Help?

At Atlanta-based Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we represent passengers, motorists, and members of the family working on the behalf of the dead dearly loved one. Over time, we certainly have gained experience handling truck accidents involving: –

? Overloaded trucks

? Drivers with improper training

? Defective equipment and trucks

? Intoxicated drivers

? Improper truck maintenance

? Driver fatigue

? Speeding

? Unreasonable driving schedule

? Failure to obey traffic laws

We represent Atlanta cyclists and pedestrians who may have been involved with a truck accidents. This can include delivery and mail express trucks.

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney